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Genesis Wearables are unisex, custom-made sneakers, handcrafted by Italian Artisans with cruelty-free vegan leather, and the potential to create passive income for the owners. 

With an exclusive design, only 500 pairs will ever exist, these sneakers will take you to the future of the Fashion Business where each product should have a purpose, and add value to their owners by giving them additional benefits for their investment and loyalty.

Uh! Did we mention we have FREE SHIPPING in the US and Europe? No? We have FREE SHIPPING for the US and Europe.

The sneakers are attached to an NFT providing private access to an exclusive community where each holder will have the right to vote and decide where we’ll invest the funds from the community’s treasury.

All our tokens are Carbon Free, gas fees will remain at a minimum because our smart contract was designed to save to GWEI on each transaction, besides Polygon Network gas fees are already cheap for day-to-day transactions.

We use Blockchain technology to prove ownership and provide immutable transparency on each decision we make. It makes our Tokens safe, scarce, and immutable. It also gives our community members complete control over their assets and also helps the project to achieve potential global scalability on a budget.

We decided we wanted to change the Wearables Industry for good, in order to do so we will do something that every major brand should do for their consumers, we are going share part of our profits with our owners. Is the least we could do in appreciation for your business.

A 100% of the  incomes from secondary market royalties will be split in equal parts and distributed to our token holders. Meaning, every time somebody sell their token the treasury will receive that fee making it available for the rest of the community for a potential liquidation or reinvestment depending on what the community decides to do (this will apply for future launches as well).

This is a Multisig Wallet created with Gnosis Safe technology in which we will deposit all the incomes generated by secondary market sales and the community will have to vote to either reinvest or liquidate it. 

Aș an important part of our Roadmap, the project team will be buying a piece of land in a well-known Metaverse where we will be launching a cafe/bar for all our holders to hang out and enjoy virtual meetups and events. Most importantly, we are going to launch an exclusive boutique where current token owners will be able to collect their Metaverse wearables for free. 

Our token holders, thru the implemented governance, will become the authorities of those Metaverse lands and will have a voice and vote on every important decision regarding those assets.

We designed the Undisclosed Collectors project to motivate people not familiar with NFT or Crypto Space to learn more about it, to learn also about the utility of the blockchain technology beyond the speculative market.

One of the more important benefits we’ll have is the creation of an Onboarding Virtual Academy to teach our community the basic stuff around NFT investment:

  • What’s an NFT and its utilities?
  • Blockchain Security.
  • How to choose an NFT project to invest in.
  • Emotions Management for NFT/Crypto for Investors.
  • Family Economics.
  • And more.

Each token holder will have the following additional benefits:

  • Only one wearable will be available per token minted, which makes them unique and scarce.
  • Each holder will have access to Token Gated Discord channels and an Owners-Only portal with free private drops, and exclusive content.
  • We will host IRL and virtual events for token holders only.
  • Each token in our collection will have its own Metaverse version for owners to claim it and shill on their own Metaverse avatars.

A complete list of video content explaining what your need to understand about our brand, and products.

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About Us

We are an exclusive IRL/Metaverse wearable line tied to unique Non-Fungible Tokens, and sharing profits in perpetuity with our hodlers.
 @jfscaramazza (Founder)

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1) All our smart contracts are publicly auditable. 2) We reserve the right to announce (or not) the date of the snapshot. 3) Investments in Decentralized Finance are highly volatile and risky, please Do Your Own Research before investing and verify the authenticity of the contracts, platforms, and collections you interact with using your wallet because we are not responsible for any mistakes users might incur for not verifying the information properly.  4) Lastly, this is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, act under your own judgment and responsibly. Your participation in this activity declares you read, understood, and accepted these conditions. 

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